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20 Minute Stroller Walk

How is just 20 minutes a day helping me reach my fitness goals?
20 minutes of walking burns between 90 and 110 calories and it can reduce the chance of premature death by 16-30 percent! Any exercise is better than none!
Going from my inactive lifestyle to a slightly less inactive lifestyle can make a huge impact.
However, I’m going to need to do a heck of a lot more to reduce my weight. 20 minutes is great if you are extremely unfit or a senior citizen. My excuse as I’ve said before is my knees are crazy messed up from the extreme weight gain. But starting this week I’m adding a leg workout to my walk to kick it up a notch! Part of the reason I want to add to the walk beside fore more exercise and strength is that our bodies grow accustom to repetition and eventually the 20 minutes of walking will do very little for my body. So my additions this week will be I will walk at a fast pace for the first 10 minutes. Then I will do lunges for 30 seconds, and hold a squat for the next 30. I will continue walking at a fast pace for the next 5 minutes. Then another 30 of lunges and squats, and then moderately walk for the last 3 minutes. It isn’t much but it’s a slow start to getting my legs strengthened for doing a 30 day leg challenge next month. Look forward to that!
I’ve been walking five days a week and taking two off. I try not to take two off in a row because exercise only works if it is regular.


Now walking with a stroller is like using a piece of gym equipment, you have to use it correctly or you’ll end up hurting yourself and possibly your baby!
When I first thought about exercising I decided I would see if I could jog, I started and as I pushed the stroller my weight pressed down on it and my stroller started tipping backwards towards me. So lesson one, the stroller is not a crutch to lean on.
1. You want your elbows against your sides and your palms close together on your stroller’s handle, this will help engage your core muscles.
If you can keep your stroller’s handle below your waistline, this will also engage your core. You do not want your elbows at a 90 degree angle, you want them at a more obtuse angle to take strain off your arms.
2. For an arm workout, you want your handlebar in a higher position to make your elbows 90 degrees, then do your walk keep your elbows as close to your sides as you can and drop your shoulders, this will work your triceps.
3. If you are in a safe place like a park (and NOT on a road) you can pull your stroller behind you, or push in front using one arm, and alternating halfway through your walk. this will work biceps.
3. Finally for legs and butt, you just need to take large steps, do lunges, or hit the hills! Keeping your handlebar at waist level.

For more information on stroller walking, check out Walking Mama, she has an amazing e-book all about stroller walking!

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Interval Walking

Interval Walking

Going for walks or runs every day is a great way to stay in shape, burn extra calories and get some fresh air. But walking can take up a long part of your day and running can be hard on joints and can be very exhausting if you are just starting to exercise.

A new option is called Interval Walking which allows you to walk at different intensities burning up to 9 times more fat.

In only 20 minutes a day you can start to get in shape.

The Plan

  1. Minutes 1-5: Warm up with a moderate walk, choose a song with about 113 BPM.
  2.  Minutes 6-7: Power walk, moving your arms back a forth, choose a song with about 124 BPM.
  3. Minutes 8-10: Walk at a moderate pace, choose a song with about 121 BPM.
  4. Minutes 11-12: Power walk, punching your arms out in front of you, choose a song with about 127 BPM.
  5. Minutes 13-15: Walk at a moderate pace, choose a song with about 120 BPM.
  6. Minutes 16-17: Speed walk as fast as you can, choose a song about 130 BPM.
  7. Minutes 18-20: Slow down to a moderate pace, choose a song about 118 BPM.

Music to help keep track of time and pace.

Here are links to find songs with the correct about of Beats Per Minute so you can make your walking playlist. You can choose 1 song that is long enough or a couple songs that cover the minutes needed for that section on the plan.


For example: Some people’s playlists will be a bit longer or a bit shorter, but that is alright.

My Playlist

  1. Black Eyed Peas – XOXOXO 3:45
  2. Village People – YMCA 4:41 (I listen to about ½ of this and then skip songs)
  3. Toby Keith – Whiskey Girl 3:59
  4. Lone Star – Walking in Memphis 3:49
  5. Evanescence – What You Want 3:40
  6. Shania Twain – Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under 3:54
  7. Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug 3:06