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Summer Time Chaffing


Summer Time Chaffing..
For those of us who don’t have the infamous thigh gap we’d all love to have the summer time can be a really bummer if we want to wear skirts or shorter than knee length shorts.
Now even though I have crazy stretch marks on my legs, damn it I want them to see the sun this year! Last year because I was pregnant I avoided the sun at all costs, but this year, HOOK me up!

Chaffing for those of you who don’t know if when it gets hot out and our legs get moist and start rubbing together thus creating a rash. I got one a few weeks ago going for a hike and that is what made me start looking into options!

Now there are lots of products, none of which I have used because I am broke. Many of these products help to create a gliding layer between our thighs. But I found two at home remedies that seem to have done the trick for me!

The first is good old deodorant!
Now I can only attest to Secret Brand Solid deodorant. I have not tested this with a gel deodorant.
I bought some deodorant specifically for places they may chafe, under boob and inner thigh. I have not have a problem with under boob chaffing yet, but you never know! I just liberally apply the deodorant to my inner thigh before I am going out to do any regular activity. Seems to cut down on the friction plus help with any sweating!

The second is for when you are doing more rigorous activity and need something a little more heavy duty! I’ve put together a homemade chaffing cream using only 3 ingredients!
You just need a carrier oil (grapeseed, almond, etc), cornstarch and an essential oil of your choice!
WARNING: Do not wear super dark clothes with this, the cornstarch will most likely on your clothes.
You can make this in any amount you like, just follow this simple ratio 2:1 Cornstarch:Oil, then add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.
My cream looks green because I used grapeseed oil, but if you use almond oil it will be more beige.
Then mix well (each time you use it) and use your hands or an old makeup brush to apply to your inner thigh. Wait a couple minutes for the oil to soak in and dry and it will go on clear.
However I found out when I went to work and bent over to pick up my baby that all of a sudden I had white all over my shirt. So even though it appears invisible on the skin, there is still cornstarch powder on your legs so user beware. As I said before this is more for vigorous exercise such as hiking, so you wouldn’t normally be bending over it anyways.

Note: If you have darker skin I am not sure if the cornstarch will be as invisible, let me know!


3 thoughts on “Summer Time Chaffing

  1. Nice. Wouldn’t of thought to use oil and cornstarch.

  2. Never heard of underboob chafing but it sounds awful. I’ll have to try the deodorant next time I’m out for a walk!

  3. In basic training we would chaf everywhere and we would put deodorant almost everywhere.

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