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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar, could it help you lose weight? Possibly!


There are many claims about the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV), unfortunately most are not scientifically based. I am going to write about the benefits that some friends on mine have noticed while they took ACV. I have not been able to stomach it, even extremely diluted so this is not first hand experience.

A friend of mine has stated that ACV helped with her UTI’s, much like cranberry juice would. She stated if she had symptoms of possible UTI which she was prone to she would take some ACV and her symptoms would be gone the next day. The reason this may work is because it will make your urine more acidic, preventing the bacteria from being able to grow.
ACV seems to help people with heartburn, this is because heartburn is caused by our stomachs not having enough acid, so they churn more violently forcing the acid through the weak sphincter into out esophagus. ACV put more acid back into our stomach thus calming our stomachs and reducing heartburn. Of course it also stimulates digestive juices helping to breakdown foods they may be irritating our sensitive stomachs during pregnancy as well. This also helps reduce stinky gas as our foods are being broken down more efficiently.

ACV is said to help our satiety and therefore we won’t snack as much, leading to less calories consumed. So ACV could be said to aid in weight loss. Unfortunately the taste of it makes me gag and I am doing other things to help lose weight I can’t give an accurate account of this. But there are MANY people on the internet who swear by it. There has only been one scientific test that I’ve read about and it was a 12 week program where half the people were taking ACV and half weren’t, and they all kept food journals to make sure they were eating similarly. But they only lost 1-2 pounds over that 12 weeks. Which is not very much, however combined with portion control and exercise it could lead to that couple extra pounds you want to lose and just can’t seem to.

Some studies have shown that drinking ACV daily led to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, which in turn lowered blood pressure. I have really good cholesterol, but my blood pressure was high throughout my pregnancy, for this reason alone I would consider trying ACV, I just need to find a better way to consume it. These studies have also shown that ACV MAY lower blood sugar levels when taking before a meal.

I haven’t talked about why ACV may be bad for your health, and that is because I can’t find much information about it being bad for your health. Vinegar is a cleanser. The only caution I can suggest it PLEASE dilute it! A shot of vinegar is extremely acidic and that can destroy the enamel of your teeth and wreak havoc on your esophagus. Just think about how a bulimic’s throat get destroyed from vomiting, it’s the stomach acid that does that, ACV would be the same going down if not diluted.

So where do I stand on ACV? It seems like if it is diluted with water or juice and only taken once or twice daily there aren’t really any bad side effects. Am I going to take ACV? Probably not.

Sources: Dr. Oz, Jessica Barry, WebMD


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