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1 Month Progress

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So we are a month into my simple life changes and here are the results so far.

Day 30 205 lbs, 45 lbs to go
1 Month Measurements
Bust 43.5″
Chest 35″
Arm 12.5″
Waist 35″
Hips 44.5″
Thigh 26.5″
Calves 16″
Stomach 43.5″
Size 18

I am still considered a size 18 overall, but I am wearing size 16 Old Navy shorts and they are a bit big, but the 14 is too small.
So I am up in some things (I think due to bad measuring the first time, I couldn’t find my measuring tape so I used a string and a ruler haha). I am the same in some things, and I am down in others, so yay! I think my boobs are up because of breast feeding, but my hips and waist are down! So maybe I will actually fit into last years summer shorts!


One thought on “1 Month Progress

  1. Good for you sweetie.

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