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Lemon Water

My first goal is starting each day with 16oz of lemon water.
This already puts me 2 cups into an 8 cups of water a day routine. I am going to try to drink more than 8 cups of water by making my cups 16oz instead of 8oz. It should be fairly easy with the lemon because it is not so boring. I’m going to try some other water flavours later on, such as cucumber water, or putting berries and mint in water! Anything to make it not so blah!


I am putting lemon in my water because it gives it flavour, and I hate plain water.
But there are MANY great reasons lemon added to our water is beneficial.


This week I will be linking to two other blogs which gave me some amazing recipes so I could make Chicken Wraps!
I started with homemade Tortillas from A Sweet Pea Chef. These were the yummiest flour tortillas I have found. I edited the recipe and used whole wheat flour instead of white, and I used vegetable shortening. I think these would be amazing made with butter, but I did not want to stray to far from the original recipe on the first try. The nice thing about the homemade tortillas is you know exactly what you are putting in them. There are no preservatives or sugars. I used whole wheat flour to give me some whole grains for the day! Of the reasons I wanted to make tortillas is because I had SO much stuff in my pantry and I need to find ways to use it!
In the tortilla I put lettuce, tomato, shredded cheddar cheese and homemade sweet and spicy mustard. I will post the recipe for this in the future.
Of course my chicken wraps would not be complete without chicken strips!
I had two chicken breasts in my freezer so I cut them into strips and followed a REALLY easy recipe for Oven Baked Chicken Strips from Happy Money Saver. This recipe is great because you make a ton and freeze them for the future! You can add in any spices you want to the flour part. Again, I used whole wheat flour, and I added pepper and thyme to mine for flavour!
Chicken breast is great because it is a lean protein, and being oven baked it does not retain all the fat you get from deep frying!
This recipe made us about 5 wraps and gave us a bunch of leftover tortillas which we have been using for breakfast wraps, and peanut butter snack wraps.



Post Pregnancy Life Changes

Where to begin?
I just had my first child at the end of 2014, it’s 2 1/2 months later and I’m still a balloon.
I felt that I had a rough pregnancy, nauseas for 5 months, and not gaining weight, and then BAM gaining 50 lbs before I delivered. I ended up with high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. Of course I can blame pregnancy for some of this, but I also need to blame myself and my poor eating habits. I was over working, working odd shifts, shifts that were different than the shifts my husband was working. This led us to eating out a lot, and snacking throughout the day instead of making healthy meals. Not to mention I fell of the wagon and fell in LOVE with soda again.
My baby was 9 lbs, and I lost about 20 lbs since she was born. Half was her and half was water weight.
Right after she was born I thought I’d start getting in shape and eating great. Except I was sore from the fast weight gain, my knees hurt, my back ached. I was tired and not getting any sleep. Heaven forbid if I put her down to try and eat or clean. Then I was breastfeeding and that was not going well, so then I was stressed out!
Needless to say it’s almost 3 months later and all I’ve done is for the past 11 days no soda, and 20 minute walks each day.

Clearly I need to do more, but at least I’ve finally started!
So join me over the next many months, possibly years as I work towards being a healthier person and getting back into the shape and weight category I’d like to be in.

I’ll post as often as I can with a child in tow, my goal will be every wednesday. I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing and how I’ve been eating and exercising. Every other post I will include a recipe that I had tried during my journey, and discuss the benefits of the recipes in weight loss/health.

The first 3 things I am doing to start losing weight and get in shape are 1. Drink 16oz of water with 1 tbsp of lemon juice first thing in the morning, 2. Drinking ZERO soda, and 3. Minimum 20 minutes of walking with my stroller each day.

Day 1 215 lbs, 55 lbs to go
Starting Measurements
Bust 43.5″
Chest 36″
Arm 12″
Waist 37″
Hips 48″
Thigh 26.5″
Calves 14″
Stomach 45″
Size 18