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There are many website, books, etc that tell us we can make or break a habit in 3-4 weeks. Well let me tell you it’s a lot easier to make a habit than break one. I can go 21-28 days without doing something, and still pick it back up the next day. In my opinion to break a habit you really just need to want to.

I’ve bitten my nails my whole life.
Just before I went to Mexico a few years ago I was able to stop. Then I started. Just before my wedding I stopped. Then I started. Right now I’ve stopped (let’s see if I can keep it up)! While biting my nails is a habit, I think there is more to it. I believe I bite my nails more so when I am stressed, craving something I just can’t put my finger on, if there is a nick/tear in my nail I start chewing it to try and even it out and the next thing I know.. nails are gone!

Food is the same.
I mean I won’t lie, I love sugary goods, but I eat them more when I can’t figure out what I want, when I’m bored, and when I am upset about something. (Generally I am upset than I am eating crap).

Breaking habits is a state of mind. It’s a force of willpower. You have to want to make changes to see changes. No one else can force you to do something you don’t want to. So this is the same with eating right and getting in shape.
I know I’ve been doing all these little fad diets etc to get where I want to go, but now that I have lost some weight and have been working out, I am feeling better about myself. I know that I need to make a dietary lifestyle change. Did you know that diet is 80% of your appearance, and exercise and genetics are only 20%? So working your ass off and not seeing weightloss results is probably because of diet choices! Exercise is great, and muscle is heavier than fat, and it can help you look leaner and become stronger, but you will not see weightloss without eating right!

Over the next few weeks we are going to become Scientists!
I will talk about different nutrients our body needs, and what foods we can get them from. We will work towards creating a basic meal plan for a day to show you how easy it is to eat right!

Edit: not done yet, havent had time to ake photos! Will update when done.
We are also going to start our own 30 Day Flexibility Challenge!
Print out our amazing Yoga calendar! For Day 1, do the pose. On Day 2 I want you to do poses 1 and 2. Day 3, 1,2 and 3, etc. Hold each pose for 30-60 seconds, depending on how you are feeling, do not push yourself if you have never done any yoga! On exercises that are for legs or arms, make sure to do 30 seconds on EACH side. Please let me know how you are doing, send me pictures! I want to point out that it is possible many of you are more flexible than I am already! So bear with my pictures, I did the very best I could at this stage!

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4 Month Progress

So I did my week of no sugar! I think it is more a mind over matter issue for me. I kept wanting sugar and fast food but I didn’t let myself get it. I don’t know if I was having cravings because there wasn’t a point where I would have killed for an ice cream, but it was still hard. I figured the day after I’d reward myself with some sugar but I haven’t yet! So maybe I’ll make it a once a week treat, just need to pick a good day!
My meal plans for the week did not include sugars, grains, most fruit, or potatoes. Most of my recipes were from
Day 1 Zesty Creamsicle Smoothie, Apple Crumble, Cauliflower Shepherds Pie, Double Pork Tenderloin
Day 2 Veggie Pancakes, Not Sweet Cinnamon Cookies, Leftovers from previous day
Day 3 Eggs & Bacon, Lettuce cheese meat wrap, Lemon Talapia with Greek Tomato Cucumber Salad
Day 4 Green Apple Breakfast Sausage, Leftover Fish, Steak and Mashed Cauliflower, Carrot Pumpkin Spice Muffins
Day 5 Pumpkin Pancakes, Leftover Steak, Meatloaf
Day 6 Tomato Basil Quiche, Leftover Meatloaf, Ginger Beef and Broccoli
Day 7 Leftover Quiche and Ginger Beef, Crunchy Curried Beef Lettuce Cups

Now I am starting Green Thickies for a week, which work out to about $2.80 a drink. Had my first one today and I was surprised how much it did not taste like “green” to me. My husband felt it DID taste “green”, but I thought it was quite tasty!

Day 120, 200lbs, 40lbs to go!
Down 5 pounds from eating no sugar, woohoo!
No change in measurements, or appearance on Camera. But when I look in the mirror I look skinnier in some areas, dang cameras!
4 Month Measurements
Bust 43.5″
Chest 35″
Arm 12″
Waist 35″
Hips 46″ (Found out I was measuring in the wrong spot)
Thigh 26″
Calves 14″
Stomach 43″

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Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar

Finished up Lumosity this week!
Day 20 1286
Day 21 1306
It was pretty fun! I would definitely continue is someone else paid my membership fees! It was very cool to see myself getting better at the games. As well as the game I thought I was doing worst at, Lumosity said was my best game! It said my brain functioned like brains of Artists.

Happy Canada Day!

I am just finishing up the Blogilates Beginner’s Calendar 2.0! I can’t believe I have managed to do this! I started out pretty terrible, but I never gave up. I took a couple extra days off mostly because of scheduling issues with work, but I did it! Now it’s July and I am starting the July Calendar! You have to sign up to her newsletters to get the secret password, but it’s super easy!
July 1-7 I am finally doing a sugar detox! 100% sugar free.. sounds horrible! But with the support of my husband who is going to do it with me (might be harder for him because it means no BEER!) we are gonna rock this week. I will post my menu next week! I unfortunately cannot post all recipes due to the fact they are not mine, but I will show you where to get access to them! What is nice about a sugar detox is that there is no limit on how much food we eat, just what we eat. It means we are going to be eating a lot of meat this week. I chose 7 days instead of 21 to get into the swing of things and not put too much pressure on myself that I fail. If it goes well we might extend the sugar cleanse.
July 8-14 We are doing our GreenThickie 7 day detox, which means a TON of fruits and veggies and very limited everything else. This will be a harder week as we have a specific diet to follow, meaning no extras!
Finally July 15 to September 8, I will be doing an 8 week Vegan Hot Body diet from Blogilates! I do not know if my husband is doing this with me yet! He will probably eat what I make, but add meat. In September I will see where I am at regarding my goals of weight loss and getting fit, and determine my next move. Can I just maintain, or will I still have more to lose?

On days when my shake hasn’t been cutting it, especially since I have been exercising I have been LOVING the Berrylicious Microwave Minute Muffin in a Mug from Blogilates! So simple, yummy and crazy fast for when you just need to run out the door!

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Girly Curves

Day 15 1259
Day 16 1240
Day 17 1259
Day 18 1255
Day 19 1269
Only 3 days left before my membership expires!

Arbonne and Green Thickie reviews to come, keep checking back!

“Why Waist Training?

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using our waist training belt. Also known as waist cinching or tight-lacing, the practice came to prominence during Victorian times. Wearing a waist cincher, exercise and eating a healthy diet can radically reduce the waistline. It takes dedication, time and patience. Most importantly, you must do it at your own pace.
Furthermore, the wearing of a waist cincher while undertaking a healthy diet helps reduce food volume intake by constricting the internal organs thus helping to promote a healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day.

The more you wear a waist cincher that cinches your waist, the more effect it will have. Waist reduction and reshaping requires discipline.
As the garment gets worn in continue to tighten it a little more each time you wear it. Eventually you should be able to begin wearing the next size down waist trainer to continue your waist reduction program. Initially wear the waist cincher 3 to 6 hours per day and increase gradually. Have patience and don’t rush the waist training by over doing the reduction. You may find that wearing the corset over a cotton tee or liner (caffeine cream w/ plastic wrap) will reduce the number of times it needs to be cleaned. We suggest you purchase 2 waist cincher in which to alternate them between wearing.
Everyone is different so there is no set time to achieve your desired level of reduction. Usually takes 2 weeks to see a difference in waist. Avoid heavy meals, sodas, alcohol and Drink plenty of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Taking these steps along with wearing our waist trainer can be helpful in supporting weight loss. Once your goal is reached, maintain your new hour-glass figure by continuing to wear our waist cincher from time to time. A good idea is to take pictures as you progress, keep a journal and a measuring tape. Track your progress!” –Girly Curves

So I told you I had purchased a waist cincher and I did! Now here is my experience.
When I got it, it took me about 5 minutes to get it on, SOOOO tight. It looked awesome! Until I turned around and my back fat was hanging over it, eww. But with a looser shirt on, it wasn’t noticeable. It was warm to wear since it is summer and already warm out, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Quite the opposite, felt like it was something I always wore. After only about a week however, I was already able to cinch it to the second set of clasps. Now I would love to say I got skinnier but I just think the cincher stretched out. I bought the 2XL and there is no way I would have gotten into the XL but disappointed it has stretched out so fast. I did get the Special Edition Workout band which is more flexible and great to get my sweat on while I’ve been exercising. I love it for wearing under things when I go out because it makes me appear like I have a flat stomach though!

With Cincher and Without Cincher

Starting measurements
Waist (skinniest part of torso, my pants have NEVER sat here lol) 36 1/2″
Stomach (1″ below navel) 43 1/2″

Measurements while wearing
Waist 35″
Stomach 41 1/2″

So just putting it on is making me appear thinner. One thing I really like is it helps with my posture. It is very uncomfortable to hunch when you have something digging into your stomach, so it helps me to sit up straighter. Overall, I am really enjoying wearing it on a daily basis, and it’s great for activity where I am upright, but it is impossible to use while trying to do any yoga or pilates. There just isn’t enough flexibility.

If you are thinking about trying it out, getting a discount is always great! Use code 10off at checkout for 10% off! If you get one let me know how it works for you!

Also do you love my pants? I got them from Fabletics!

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310 Nutrition vs IsaGenix vs Arbonne

Lumosity – I have noticed if I do exercises each day I get better, if I skip a day, I seem to have a harder time with the exercises!
Day 10 1214
Day 11 1218 Not a big improvement, had to do lots of math today 😦
Day 12 1236
Day 13 1230
Day 14 1258

310 Shake

Calories 90
Cost: $2.29/serving
Protein Shake Review #6
No soy, no msg, no hormones, no crazy sugars or artificial sugars
Membership: There is no membership but if you get setup with an auto renew (meaning they send you a new bag each month automaticcaly) you get a $4 discount and free shipping! And as a bonus you can cancel anytime, by phone, email or live chat. Also I received a eBook which my purchase which discusses how to use 310 Shake in your daily life with meals!
Samples: $3.99 each. This is great because you can try the flavours to see if you like them, as well as the texture of the shake!
Nutrition Facts:
How long was I satisfied: 2 1/2 hours
Thinner than IsaLean (due to less calories and less powder used overall). I prefer this thinness. 310 Shake is a more chalky tasting than IsaLean, but when mixed with fruits it is not very noticeable. There are some great recipes on 310 Nutrition’s website, but any combination of fruits/veggies and a milk of your choice work great! I love Cherry Choc Pop!
Comes in four flavours, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and now mocha! My favourite flavour is chocolate. Though the vanilla is great if you just want to sweeten up whichever fruit you choose to use!
What else can you buy: 7 Day Cleanse, Appetite Fighter, Daily Superfood & Cleanse Juice, Fat Burning and Metabolism Booster, Probiotics, a blender, a shaker cup, and samples! And you get a free eBook! You can also get a sample and shaker cup at Try 310 Shake, just pay shipping! I didn’t do this because I could not find the page for some reason. So paid for my shaker cup and my samples, dang!
I’ve had some shipping issues mostly just LONG waits, the people at 310 Nutrition are super great as responding fast, but it is still a pain to wait.


Calories 240
Cost: $4.72/serving
Protein Shake Review #3
Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, Soy Free
Membership: $4.00/serving (this could be a bit less if you order more than one canister at a time because I am including the shipping in the breakdown). Membership has a signup fee, but if you choose to sell the product you can get a lot of free stuff, especially if you can get others to join you and sell as well. Another MLM business.
Samples: IsaGenix does not technically have samples, but most good sales people will have purchased the individual sized packets and should be able to give you or sell you one.
Nutrition Facts:
How long I was satisfied: 4 hours
IsaLean is a thicker shake than 310. For me this made is harder to swallow. Although it tasted great, as soon as it warmed up it was like drinking warm whole milk, just blech! I tried both Vanilla and Chocolate in this, and I was not a fan of the chocolate it was WAY to thick.
What else can you buy? Cleanse, Soups, Energy and Performance products, Healthy Aging products, Snacks, Fiber, Greens, Skin Care products. I got to try a couple other samples, my favourite was the Chocolate Peanutbutter IsaLean bar. Like 100% this could take the place of my chocolate bar cravings, but they are a meal replacement and are about $3.50 a pop. So Im definitely thinking about buying some of these in the near future if I cant curb my chocolate addiction.
Interested in purchasing? Buy here!

Gonna try some DIY Meal Replacement Shakes over the next week see how they compare in price and taste.
I’m going to try a Green Thickie.. which sounds disgusting, so we’ll see. These seem to have WAY more calories than the premade shakes, but I can also pronounce and know what every ingredient is. I’ll give them a try and see if I can stomach them and let you know! You should try it too as it is the recipe of the week and tell me what you thought!

FYI- I just got the Arbonne shake last minute, so I will add it next week as well!


3 Month Progress

So this weight loss thing hasn’t really been working for me, which is a bummer. I suppose it is harder than I expected with having a baby and not sleeping well.
But we got ourselves a new bed, woohoo! So let us hope that improves sleep a bit.
My Lumosity scores this week, I was at 1021 last week!
Day 6 1009 I missed a couple days and my scores went down! Only got in 4 this week!
Day 7 1069
Day 8 1118
Day 9 1178

Day 90 205lbs
Everything is the same as last month. Damn you baked goods and chocolate!

For the next month I am trying TWO things, Meal Replacement shakes to replace two meals a day, and a waist cincher(trainer, etc).

Check out my reviews of a few different shakes next week! And check in for a review of my waist cincher! We will have to wait until next month’s check in to know if they are doing me any good.

I am also going to start the Beginners Blogilates workout program! It’s a 4 week pilates program, 6 days a week. I am TERRIBLE as exercise so I know month one there isn’t going to be a lot of progress because I just don’t have the muscles yet! But it’s a 30ish minute program that I don’t need any equipment for. So hopefully my baby will cooperate and just hang out on the floor with me!
4 Days in an I feel good! Plus I did my first headstand! Against a wall, but I did it!


Lumosity, or healthy brains!

Besides a healthy body we need a healthy mind.
I’ve decided to try Lumosity for a month and see if I have any improvement! It’s going to cost me $12, but if it works, it’s only $4.00 a month or less if you sign up for the year!

Here are my starting numbers
My overall LPI is 457 to start. The LPI is calculated from all my 5 brain areas! I am going to do this 5 times a week for a month and then let you know where I am at!

“LPI (Lumosity Performance Index) gives you one simple number for tracking your performance on Lumosity.
Overall LPI is an average of your Game LPIs, which are calculated from your game score histories. Your Brain Area LPIs for Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility, and Problem Solving are calculated from games in each of those areas.
LPI also helps you compare your strengths and weaknesses across games that challenge different cognitive abilities. You can improve your LPIs in your weaker areas by playing and improving at games in each of those areas.”

I’ve done Lumosity 5 times this week, and already improved to 1021 LPI. What’s cool is in some of the games I am actually seeing an improvement which is awesome! Some games it’s hard to tell, I mean it shows my score being better but I don’t necessarily feel smarter.

Day 1 457
Day 2 667
Day 3 897
Day 4 970
Day 5 1021

Since we are talking about Brains, how about a recipe to boost our brain function?
“”Brainberries” is what Steven Pratt, MD, author of Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods Proven to Change Your Life, calls these tasty fruits. Pratt, who is also on staff at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Calif., says that in animal studies researchers have found that blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Studies have also shown that diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity and motor skills of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats.” (Side note, I in NO WAY condone animal testing, SO against it!)

Little Miss Muffin Tops
from one of my favourite cook books, Eat, Shrink and Be Merry!
1 cup quick cooking rolled oats (not instant)
1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour (original recipe called for 1 cup of the previous, but trying to ger my whole grains in!)
1/2 cup oat bran
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup coconut (optional)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup mashed bananas
1/2 cup low-fat plain yogurt
3 tbsp melted butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup fresh blueberries

Preheat oven to 375 F. Spray or line a muffin pan.
Combine first 9 ingredients.
In a separate bowl combine remaining ingredients except blueberries.
Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, mix, then fold in blueberries.
Bake for 12-14 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.


Summer Time Chaffing

Summer Time Chaffing..
For those of us who don’t have the infamous thigh gap we’d all love to have the summer time can be a really bummer if we want to wear skirts or shorter than knee length shorts.
Now even though I have crazy stretch marks on my legs, damn it I want them to see the sun this year! Last year because I was pregnant I avoided the sun at all costs, but this year, HOOK me up!

Chaffing for those of you who don’t know if when it gets hot out and our legs get moist and start rubbing together thus creating a rash. I got one a few weeks ago going for a hike and that is what made me start looking into options!

Now there are lots of products, none of which I have used because I am broke. Many of these products help to create a gliding layer between our thighs. But I found two at home remedies that seem to have done the trick for me!

The first is good old deodorant!
Now I can only attest to Secret Brand Solid deodorant. I have not tested this with a gel deodorant.
I bought some deodorant specifically for places they may chafe, under boob and inner thigh. I have not have a problem with under boob chaffing yet, but you never know! I just liberally apply the deodorant to my inner thigh before I am going out to do any regular activity. Seems to cut down on the friction plus help with any sweating!

The second is for when you are doing more rigorous activity and need something a little more heavy duty! I’ve put together a homemade chaffing cream using only 3 ingredients!
You just need a carrier oil (grapeseed, almond, etc), cornstarch and an essential oil of your choice!
WARNING: Do not wear super dark clothes with this, the cornstarch will most likely on your clothes.
You can make this in any amount you like, just follow this simple ratio 2:1 Cornstarch:Oil, then add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice.
My cream looks green because I used grapeseed oil, but if you use almond oil it will be more beige.
Then mix well (each time you use it) and use your hands or an old makeup brush to apply to your inner thigh. Wait a couple minutes for the oil to soak in and dry and it will go on clear.
However I found out when I went to work and bent over to pick up my baby that all of a sudden I had white all over my shirt. So even though it appears invisible on the skin, there is still cornstarch powder on your legs so user beware. As I said before this is more for vigorous exercise such as hiking, so you wouldn’t normally be bending over it anyways.

Note: If you have darker skin I am not sure if the cornstarch will be as invisible, let me know!